Protectus Viridis | Multi-Surface Trigger Spray - 750ml

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Product Details - Surface

Effective - Efficient - Economical

Hygiene standards in our work areas, healthcare, education facilities, food manufacturing and processing, restaurants, prisons, agriculture, public places, and commercial businesses are so important in our daily lives.

Viruses and bacteria are changing, becoming vigorous challenges to combat, creating a greater need for products that can meet and defeat these challenges. It is vital to ensure the use of a surface sanitising disinfectant, such as Protectus, that has been independently tested to meet the demands of our ever-changing world.

Protectus Viridis™ Ready to Use trigger sprays provide a handy and portable way to disinfect areas.

Suitable for industrial, healthcare and domestic use.

How to Use - Surface

Rotate the nozzle so that the word ‘spray’ faces upwards. Pull the trigger to evenly coat surface

Working from a clean area, wipe in an 'S' shape, taking care not to cover an area twice.

Leave surfaces to dry.

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